XTRM-Vartopia Payment Engine

Streamline partner payments using the XTRM Payments Platform to pay any partner, anywhere.

Take advantage of the XTRM-Vartopia Payment Engine integration to simplify your partner payment process by:

  • Faster payment distribution for happier partners.
  • Driving key behaviors and paying directly to partner company or partner employees.
  • Automating payment disbursements in over 120 currencies, all from your single-currency account using XTRM’s digital wallet architecture.
  • Letting the platform provide the tax reporting data for partners anywhere and 1099-Ks for US-based partners.
  • Providing payment choices - ACH, rapid bank transfer, wire, virtual Visa, digital gift cards and more.
  • Manage your partners, not their PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

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